Friday, October 24, 2008

Klueless 4 challenges you !!

It's that time of the year when every one of you gets to be Sherlock Holmes. Yes, Klueless is back. If you don't know what I'm talking about, you're missing something BIG!
Have you ever forgotten to sleep, eat and even go for nature's call. If not, I bet you this may be a first very soon. Get ready to get addicted. Because soon, you'll find yourself awake in the wee hours of the morning searching for hidden klues. If you think I'm joking, you need to think again. Once you're in, there's no coming out. You're with us till the end.
We understand your pulse.We understand your every move. We know you want more. And so, we'll keep coming back at you! We wanna see you go mad for that one missing string, that one missing link. Soon you'll be drifting away during lectures and family chats. What's on your mind Dear? "KLUELESS"
Switch off those cell phones, Close your windows and doors. Put up that "DO NOT DISTURB" sign. Because you're gonna be glued to that seat for quite some time.
Click on any of the Klueless banners if you think you can handle the pressure!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

"Earth from Above"

This post is not really related to life at IIM Indore, but I thought I'd share this link with those of you out there who love photography. It's a link to my other blog, and this particular post speaks about Yann Arthus-Bertrand, a great photographer and environmentalist, and his exhibit being arranged in NY city in 2009. You can find further links to his site and his photographs, which concentrate on planet earth and sustainability of life, in this post:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Indore runs for Peace

This October 2nd, the people of Indore took a strong initiative and proclaimed to the world that they have not been blemished by the recent violence across the city. As a tribute to the great Mahatma, 5000+ people were found participating in the Indore Marathon organized by IIM Indore. This event was to help create a platform where the people of Indore could unite and express their concern and tolerance. It also helped to create mutual affection among fellow residents.

The marathon, which started at 7 am, consisted of two runs-a 10km peace run and a 3 km celebratory run. It was a measure of a person's mental and physical stamina. The runners were a mixture of teenagers, youngsters and senior citizens; students and corporates. There were serious runners as well as people who were out there to make a difference and enjoy. I'm sure even Gandhi's statue at Regal Square would've felt like coming down and being a part of the cause. As many of us believe, his soul was surely with us that morning.

The 1st prize, a Honda Stunner, was bagged by Mr. Vijay Yadav, who finished the 10 km run in a mere 38 minutes. In the Female category, Ms. Smita walked away with the honors. There were other prizes as well, such as an LCD TV, a laptop, mobile phones, etc.

The event saw 200 odd IIM Indore students volunteering for the event in addition to another 100 NCC cadets assisting them. The main sponsor for the event was ACC Cements.The participants expressed their solidarity and felt that there should be more events on similar lines. The echoing "Bharat Mata Ki Jai" at the close of the event spoke loads regarding the resolve of my fellow Indories.

Now, let me rewind a bit for you....

This event was conceptualized months back in the minds of a few PGP2 students at IIM Indore. From then on there was no looking back. The entire IIMI community was involved with the event in some form or the other. There were student groups handling media coverage, sponsorship, operations and most importantly Participation. Around 50 students, in teams of 2, went to almost 55 schools, colleges and corporate offices in Indore to create awareness and enthusiasm for the event.
On the eve of the event, IIM Indore did not sleep! There were participants involved in tracking the route, putting up banners and signs, arranging check points and Food & Beverage stalls, etc. IIMI's bus was doing multiple runs across Rau and SGITS, bringing more hands for the event. It was a great learning experience for many of us at Planet I, and it brought us all together for ONE CAUSE.
Come 7 am and the people of Indore responded to our efforts and kept our smiles alive. I salute you Indore and applaud you all for the love and concern you've shown for our city. Long live Indore, Long live Peace!

To view some more snaps taken during the Marathon, please click on the link below:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CP Classification and CP Challenge

At IIM Indore, most of our courses have an evaluation component called Class Participation(CP). If you were to ask most students, they'd tell you that it's that grey area where professors can give you any grade they want. But maybe the system has some true purpose behind such scoring techniques.

I want to talk about the deeper aspects of CP. Yes, as an engineering graduate I love to classify things, so let me do that with Class Participation also.

a) Constructive CP: The most ideal form of CP, expected by the professors. Its characteristics include conciseness, preciseness and completeness. Very rarely found!

b) Prolonged CP: This kind of CP is like a long black tunnel where you can never see the other end. Yes, very verbose. It can put the class to sleep, and if it comes at the brink of a break, you might get a few dirty looks from your classmates too.

c)One-on-One CP: This is like a cartel or sometimes a dispute between 2 participants. If the professor is too innocent, such CP may lead to the two students even forgetting the fact that there's someone standing there to teach.

d)Desperate CP: Messed up your quizzes? Also messed up your assignments and the midterm? Then it's time for Desperate CP (DCP), a tool used to scale up your grades to a respectable level.

e)Little Professor's CP: This is when some candidates feel that they have the responsibility to answer all the doubts of their fellow classmates. I agree that we all mentioned at our interviews that IIMs are a place where you can learn from your peers, but then come on... There's a professor there for some reason too.

f)Redundant CP: The most common form of CP. As the name indicates, this CP is just a repetition, of what someone else has said earlier, in a slightly moulded form. Haven't read the case? Haven't done any pre-reading of the chapter either? No problem, this form of CP will rescue you every time. (Well, almost every time. Sometimes you may fall victim to the 1/62 probability phenomenon. Yes, you may end up being the 1st person to be asked to start a discussion).

g)Unconscious CP: A very strange form of CP. This occurs when a candidate has been dosing for the past few min and he suddenly wakes up and his hand shoots up in the air, with a question. Another minute or two later, you'll find him asleep again. A true talent still being researched.

h)CP Globe: Occurs when topics are more generic and abstract. This is when you can crap all you want.

Now, this is a very broad classification, and to avoid you getting bored I have excluded sub-classes. But I would like to touch upon a new innovation in CP, known as "The CP Challenge".

Classes sometimes need a touch of humor. A few students have found a fantastic way of including that as a part of the class via this new challenge. This contest requires a student to use a particular word or phrase as a part of his CP during a lecture. And yes, the CP has to be relevant, you can't just make any random comment. Sound easy? Well, not when the challenge includes phrases like "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" and words like "intercourse". Wondering whether it was accomplished? Of course it was; we aren't called the countries brightest minds for nothing..How are the words communicated among students during class? Another use for our dearest friend; yes, the cell-phone. Isn't technology a beautiful thing??

Considering the stressed out lives and the piles of work (some actual and some virtually created) out here , I guess we'll need more innovations on similar lines. This is what you call, Creative Gyan.

This is an addition to the already mentioned forms of CP, which came to light during Term 2.

i) Forgetful CP - Courtesy: Goli; The participant is so engrossed in raising his hand and getting restless in his chair that by the time, the Prof notices him and asks for his view, he's forgotten his insightful point.

j)Telepathic CP - This came up during a session when 1 participant made a point and subsequently, another student was asked to tell the class what he had to say (He had his hand raised a while back). The lad responds: "I was going to say exactly what he just said, actually the words were also exactly the same" (Is that possible, damn weird huh...)

k) CP on Demand - Aren't there occasions when you just want someone popular to give their holy views on a topic?? The same happens in class at times. Some such icons of my class would be Lama, Goli, "Nemo", Bhalla, "First of All", etc.